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Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play
by Anne Washburn
Score by Michael Friedman, Lyrics by Anne Washburn
Directed by Christina Rios
R-S Theatrics
September 4, 2015

Cast of Mr. Burns Photo by Michael Young R-S Theatrics

Cast of Mr. Burns
Photo by Michael Young
R-S Theatrics

Who knew The Simpsons could be this influential? As ubiquitous as the perennially popular animated comedy series has been over the years, it’s a somewhat surprising source of cultural bonding in R-S Theatrics’ latest production, Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play. An unusual production that makes use of inventive and stylized staging, Mr. Burns employs a strong cast to tell a fascinating, somewhat jarring story.

Part play, part musical, Mr. Burns tells its story in three acts and spans a time period of about 82 years, starting in “the very near future”. As a group of disparate individuals are gathered together around a campfire talking about a favorite TV show, it soon becomes clear that these people are survivors of a cataclysmic nuclear event that has shut down all electricity and basically destroyed the structure of society as we know it.  The first act, set shortly after the event, shows the group getting to know one another, revealing vague details of the catastrophe, and bonding over shared memories of Simpsons episodes. In the second act, set seven years later, we see how drastically changed society has become, as the group of unlikely companions has now become a traveling theatre troupe of sorts, performing live productions of Simpsons episodes cobbled together from memory and from lines traded from other survivors. The hopes, fears, and concerns of the group and what’s left of American society are shared, as well as the changing scope of cultural influence. The third act, set 75 years later, is a stylized tableau that’s better seen (and heard) than described, showing how The Simpsons, as well as other television shows and art forms like the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, have become folktales that shape and are shaped by an entirely new cultural landscape.

Director Rios has staged this play in a clever way, moving the audience along with the action of the play. The first act is set up on the stage facing toward the backstage area, where the audience sits. Act 2 then turns the action around with a more traditional theatre set-up, with the audience moved from backstage into the auditorium.  The set, designed by Kyra Bishop, is appropriately evocative of the rustic way the survivors have to live. The costumes, by Amy Harrison and Ruth Schmalenberger, appropriately suit the characters and range from the more realistic outfits of the first two acts to the more theatrical styled costumes of the third, augmented by some wonderfully detailed masks by Scott Schoonover.  All the technical aspects of this show work together well in helping to achieve just the right post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Acting-wise, the cast here is completely convincing, handling the mixture of drama, dark comedy, and more classical-styled performance extremely well.  Chuck Brinkley, Rachel Tibbetts, Jennifer Theby-Quinn, Will Bonfiglio, Rachel Hanks, Jared Sanz-Agero comprise the initial ensemble, with Maggie Wininger joining the group in Act 2, and Kay Love in Act 3.  All of the actors perform their parts well, with some taking on more than one role and several portraying multiple characters.  It’s difficult to single anyone out, as each performer is given their moments to shine and this is truly an ensemble production.

Mr. Burns is a dark piece, even bleak at times, but the hope is there as well. I’m amazed at how much depth and imagery can be drawn directly from The Simpsons. This is a show like I’ve never seen before, taking conventions to inventive levels with a great deal of thought and artistry.  It’s a challenging play that will make audiences thinkand R-S Theatrics has brought it to the stage in a powerful, admirable production.

Will Bonfiglio, Jennifer Theby-Quinn Photo by Michael Young R-S Theatrics

Will Bonfiglio, Jennifer Theby-Quinn
Photo by Michael Young
R-S Theatrics

R-S Theatrics’ Production of Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play runs at the Ivory Theatre until September 20th, 2015

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