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by David Paquet
Directed by Philip Boehm
Upstream Theater
January 25, 2020

Tom Wethington, Nancy Bell, Jane Paradise
Photo by ProPhotoSTL.com
Upstream Theater

I came out of Wildfire unsure of exactly how to describe it at first. It’s not a traditional type of show, that’s for sure, but it certainly provides much to think about. The latest production from the always excellent Upstream Theater isn’t very long in terms of running time, but it packs a lot of story, characterization, and thought-provoking questions into its 75 minutes on stage. It’s also a great showcase for its impressive cast of three.

The structure of the show is fairly straightforward, or seemingly so. Its three cast members each play two different characters over the play’s three parts. The first one, called “The Bonfire” features all three performers as close but somewhat combative triplets who all have their own unique goals–anxious, controlling new mother Claudette (Jane Paradise); lonely, cookie-baking Claudine (Nancy Bell); and commanding, secretive Claudia (Tom Wethington). The three sisters talk, plan, hope, and bicker, leading to a somewhat startling conclusion. Part 2, “The Dragons”, features new characters Callum (Wethington) and Carol (Paradise) in a halting, quirky sort of romance which has its own bizarre twists. Finally, Part 3, “The Fever” is more of an extended monologue, as Caroline (Bell) recounts her unusual and disturbing sexual attraction to a particular type of man. I won’t spoil the details here, but the plotting here is especially clever, in that all three stories turn out to be connected, in some ways that become more predictable as the show goes on, and other ways that especially surprise, even though in hindsight, they shouldn’t be that surprising. The overall theme, as highlighted in Upstream Managing Director Peter Mayer’s note in the program, seems to be about the explosive power (and consequences) of raw desire and longing. It’s a thought-provoking piece, to be sure, with a good deal of quirky, sometimes disturbing and macabre humor, with some moments of sadness and regret along for good measure.

There’s a great cast here to make the most of the well-drawn, offbeat characters and situations. All three performances are impressive, from their convincing sibling chemistry in the first part as three very different sisters, to the quirky romantic chemistry of Wethington and Paradise in the second part, to Bell’s bizarre and boldly performed monologue in the third part, this is a top-notch ensemble infusing a great deal of sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, always intriguing energy to this rather off-the-wall cycle of stories.

The production values here are simple, but effective, with a black-and-red color scheme that is reflected in Laura Hanson’s costuming as well as Michael Heil’s squarish unit set. Steve Carmichael’s lighting credibly adds to the mystique, as well, as do Traci Lavois Theibaud’s striking productions. There’s also an appropriately ominous soundtrack provided by composer and sound designer Anthony Barilla.

Wildfire isn’t a show for everyone. If offbeat, sometimes sharp and disturbing humor bordering on horror-comedy isn’t your thing, this play probably won’t be, either. Still, it’s a prime showcase for its excellent cast in a series of stories that are sure to get you thinking, and wondering. It’s an impressive, if unusual, theatrical accomplishment.

Jane Paradise, Tom Wethington
Photo by ProPhotoSTL.com
Upstream Theater

Upstream Theater is presenting Wildfire at the Marcelle Theatre until February 9, 2020

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