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The Year of the Bicycle
by Joanna Evans
Directed by Philip Boehm
Upstream Theater
January 28, 2017

Magan Wiles, Eric J. Conners Photo by ProPhotoSTL.com Upstream Theater

Magan Wiles, Eric J. Conners
Photo by ProPhotoSTL.com
Upstream Theater

Just walking into the performance space for Upstream Theater’s newest production of The Year of the Bicycle told me that this was going to be an unusual play, to say the least.  This brief, vividly characterized play by South African playwright Joanna Evans is something of a surreal experience, played out in just over an hour on a highly abstracted set. It’s the interesting, somewhat bizarre story and the strong, committed performances of the two leads that make this show worth seeing.

This play is basically a mind trip. It takes place in the minds of Amelia (Magan Wiles) and Andile (Eric J. Conners), childhood friends who grew apart as they grew older. Or is it only in Amelia’s mind? That’s one of the mysteries of this play that begins when Amelia crashes her bicycle and is propelled into the world of her past and her disjointed imagination, recalling her friendship with neighbor Andile when both were eight years old. Although the story starts out seemingly in Amelia’s mind, Andile takes much of the narration so it could be that both are simultaneously dreaming, connected by some kind of psychic link as both journey into their world of memory, with flights of fancy and emotion telling the story of a friendship in a specific time and place, South Africa in the late 1990’s and ten years later in the 2000’s. The two share memories of their love of Ninja Turtles and invented baby brothers, as well as expectations of society and school as they play together and then are separated, living radically different lives as young adults.

The performances are at the center here, along with the strikingly abstract set by Michael Heil, featuring bicycle parts, a table, and bright red yarn. There’s also fantastical lighting by Tony Anselmo to set the mysterious scene and mood and enhance the bold portrayals of the two leads. Wiles, as the bossy, upper class Amelia, who is white, and Conners as the earnest, determined Andile, who is black, both give stunning, memorable performances.  This play that explores racial and class differences as well as strong personalities and the specter of regret is richly enhanced by these two top-notch actors.  The world in their minds, as strangely whimsical and disjointed as it is, sets the scene for the strength and chemistry of its two players.

There’s a lot to think about here, and a lot to figure out as the story and very language of the piece is constructed and deconstructed in the portrayal of a world with which many Americans may not be familiar. The Year of the Bicycle isn’t a long play, but it’s a deep one, providing a lot to think and talk about. The stunning visuals, inventive script and staging, and especially the winning performances make this a play that needs to be seen to be believed.

Eric J. Conners, Magan Wiles Photo by ProPhotoSTL.com Upstream Theater

Eric J. Conners, Magan Wiles
Photo by ProPhotoSTL.com
Upstream Theater

Upstream Theater is presenting The Year of the Bicycle at the Kranzberg Arts Center until February 12, 2017.

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