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The Boy From Oz
Music and Lyrics by Peter Allen
Book by Martin Sherman and Nick Enright
Direction and Musical Staging by Michael Hamilton
Choreographed by Dana Lewis
STAGES St. Louis
June 5, 2019

David Elder
Photo by Peter Wochniak, ProPhotoSTL
STAGES St. Louis

If you didn’t know a lot about Peter Allen before, The Boy From Oz at STAGES St. Louis will educate you. A singer/songwriter and entertainer known for his songs, his flashy stage show, and his brief marriage to Liza Minnelli, Allen becomes the larger-than-life focus of this star-vehicle of a musical. It starred Hugh Jackman on Broadway, but the STAGES production has a dazzling star of its own who, along with an excellent supporting cast, makes this a lively, dazzling spectacular of a show.

The story, narrated by Allen (David Elder), follows the entertainer from his childhood days in Australia. Young Peter Woolnough (Ben Iken, alternating with Simon Desilets) takes up dancing at an early age, encouraged by his mother Marion (Corrine Melançon) and largely ignored by his violent, alcoholic father Dick (Steve Isom) who dies when Peter is still young. As Peter ages into his teens, he teams up with another singer and musician, Chris Bell (Erik Nelson) to form an act known as “The Allen Brothers”, gaining notoriety in their home country and, eventually, overseas. Peter is eventually noticed by the legendary Judy Garland (Michele Ragusa), and the “brothers” become her opening act for her concerts. He also meets and quickly forms a bond with Garland’s daughter, Liza Minnelli (Caitlyn Caughell). The two marry, but eventually separate when Peter comes out as gay. The second act follows Peter through the 1970s and 80s, as he finds new love with partner Greg Connell (Zach Trimmer) and a new manager in Dee Anthony (also Isom), and he develops the flashy, glittery performance style for which he became known. It also follows Peter’s relationship with his mother over the years, and features many of the well-known songs that he wrote or co-wrote, including “I Honestly Love You”, “Everything Old Is New Again”, and the bouncy “I Go To Rio”. It’s a tuneful, energetic show that follows Peter Allen’s life with all its highs, lows, triumphs, and tragedies.

Like the better “jukebox” musicals, The Boy From Oz has a solid book and a compelling story, but this one works especially well as a vehicle for whoever plays Peter. Here, that role is filled by Elder, who is absolutely the star of the show–no question. As Peter, Elder radiates charm, charisma, and energy as he sings and dances his way through the story, even taking some moments to interact with the audience along the way. This is a role for a showman, and Elder is definitely that. He has excellent chemistry with his co-stars, as well. The supporting cast is also strong, with the standouts being Melançon in one of her best roles at STAGES in a poignant turn as Peter’s mother, and Caughell as a vibrant Liza Minnelli. Keiser and Trimmer are also excellent in their small-ish roles as Peter’s first performing partner and his most enduring romantic partner, and Isom is good as usual in his dual role as Peter’s father and, later, as his manager. Ragusa gives a fine performance as Garland, as well, for the most part, although she does seem to be trying so hard to “act” like Garland that it comes across as more of an impression than an authentic performance. There’s a great ensemble of singers and dancers to back up Elder and the supporting cast, as well, with the big, flashy production numbers being a major highlight of the show.

Production-wise, the show looks as great as it sounds, with a colorful set by James Wolk, dazzling costumes by Brad Musgrove, and splashy lighting by Sean M. Savoie. The changing eras from the 1930s through the 1990s are vividly portrayed here, with the changing times reflected in the changing life of its central figure.  It’s dynamically staged, as well, with energetic choreography by Dana Lewis and musical staging by director Michael Hamilton.

The Boy From Oz is a show I didn’t know much about before seeing this production, aside from who starred in the Broadway production. STAGES has brought the show to St. Louis now, with a star who may not have the name recognition of Hugh Jackman, but who has all the presence and star quality that anyone could ask for in the leading role. David Elder is the star here, and he and the rest of the excellent cast are definitely worth seeing. This is a terrific way to start a new season for STAGES.

Corinne Melançon, David Elder
Photo by Peter Wochniak, ProPhotoSTL
STAGES St. Louis

STAGES St. Louis is presenting The Boy From Oz at the Robert G. Reim Theatre in Kirkwood until June 30, 2019

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