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Private Lives
by Noël Coward
Directed by Meredith McDonough
Repertory Theatre of St. Louis
October 7, 2022

Amanda Pedlow, Stanton Nash
Photo by Jon Gitchoff
Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

The latest entry in the Rep’s current season is a classic “comedy of manners” from celebrated British playwright Noël Coward. Private Lives is hilarious look at contrasting relationships, as well as marital expectations among the English upper class in the 1930s. As staged by the Rep, it’s a meticulously orchestrated, highly physical romp that brings a great deal of laughter from the audience, thanks to the superb direction and pitch-perfect cast.

As the old saying goes, some couples can’t seem to live with or without one another. One such couple is former spouses Elyot Chase (Stanton Nash), and Amanda Prynne (Amelia Pedlow), who haven’t seen each other for five years until they suddenly find themselves staying next door in the same French hotel on their honeymoons with their respective new spouses, Sibyl Chase (Kerry Warren) and Victor Prynne (Carman Lacivita). While each professes to be devoted to their new spouse at the beginning of the play, once they see one another again, Elyot and Amanda can’t help but be drawn together, despite their volatile, clashing personalities that eventually led to the breakup of their former marriage. Of course, there is the matter of their current spouses, who haven’t previously met but find themselves having to work together to confront Elyot and Amanda, with potentially explosive results. 

This is a show that’s more about the characters and their interactions than the plot. The plot is fairly simple, in fact, but the relationships are anything but simple, as Elyot and Amanda deal with the intense magnetism that drew them together as well as the intense conflicts that drove them apart, and their new spouses have to contend not only with aspects of their partners that they hadn’t seen before, but with their new acquaintances as well, along with their own burgeoning personality conflict. This is a show that highlights Coward’s famous wit, as well as as the intense chemistry and conflict among lovers. It’s also oh-so-British and oh-so-1930s, with sharp humor, a bright, energetic tone, and a few memorable musical moments featuring memorable period tunes. The atmosphere is impeccably maintained, with a richly detailed set by Lex Liang, marvelous costumes by Kathleen Geldard, excellent lighting by Colin Bills, and superb sound design by Lindsay Jones. 

As for the cast, they are stellar, with sizzing chemistry between Nash and Pedlow as the intense, witty, and emotional Elyot and Amanda. These two bring much energy to their roles, and their chemistry is like that of a classic old film pairing. There’s also excellent work from their co-stars, with Warren hilarious as the needy Sibyl and Lacivita comically bewildered as the more strait-laced Victor. When all four are together, the comic energy is especially strong. There’s also a fine performance by Yvonne Woods in a small role as Parisian maid Louise. 

Overall, this is a show that sparkles with comic intensity and expert direction and pacing. It’s also one of those shows that makes me feel for the stage crew, since the beautifully appointed set isn’t so neatly organized by the time our leads get through with it, and each other. I hadn’t seen Private Lives before, but I’m glad this excellent production has been my introduction. It’s a classic comedy of wit, character, and passion, superbly staged at the Rep. 

Kerry Warren, Amelia Pedlow, Stanton Nash, Carman Lacivita
Photo by Jon Gitchoff
Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is presenting Private Lives at COCA’s Catherine B. Berges Theatre until October 23, 2022

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